Who the hell is this crazy guy?

My name is Michael Lee Johnson. I’m 28 years of age and I am from Widnes, Cheshire, in the north-west of England.

Born in Whiston, St Helens, on December 2nd 1984 at 04:35am, and raised in a moderately poor lower-class family in Widnes, Cheshire. I was an only-child, with no brothers and no sisters (until much later on in my life).

I grew up in a small 2 bedroom semi-detached council house for low income families. We had a dog named ‘Burger’ (he died due to a fetish for car tires), a dog named ‘Taz’ (she died from Cancer) and a duck named ‘George’. I’m not quite sure what happened to George, but I remember walking him on a cat lead once…That was actually pretty weird, now that I’m thinking about it.

Life has never been easy for me, but I won’t complain. My dad was never around that much when I was younger, in fact, very little at all. He was confined to a cell, a prisoner of the law. My mum raised me on her own, and for that I am thankful, we didn’t need him anyway, or maybe I’m just being spiteful?

At school I was bullied, so I didn’t really go that often. I just stayed home and studied, inspired by the web. I hated everyone around me, found it difficult to make friends. I didn’t really fit in that well, just wanted everything to end.

I dropped out of college, bored and demotivated, I got into trouble, rebelled and procrastinated. I’ve had more 9-5′s than I care to recount. I’ve been homeless, troubled and thrown out of cabs.

I have fallen in love, been heart-broken and cheated on (who hasn’t?). I have traveled the world. I have been there, done that. Thought I knew it all, realized I didn’t, got upset a bit (OK, a lot). I have grown up quickly, learnt lessons, gave lessons. Constantly trying to better myself, inspired all the time.

I am a web designer by profession, although a hybrid of all sorts. I love marketing, advertising and conjuring-up ideas, from the radically insane, to the basic and mundane. I have spent 100 hour weeks, just studying and at peace, learning everything I could, to escape for some peace.

For the past decade you could say that my life has been weird, a psychological roller-coaster of self-understanding. I’ve become a student of cyberspace, a scholar of thought, constantly on a quest, a perpetual journey without rest.

Who I am, I am still not quite sure. I know my name is Michael Lee Johnson, but that is all I really know… Or so I’m told.

I’m probably no different than you, in fact, I’m probably exactly like you.

I am not courageous, nor am I brave, but whenever I am walking, I feel like I am free… And that freedom is what motivates me. What drives me. What I so desperately seek. It’s why I stepped outside of my comfort zone to be everything that I could be. To follow my dream. My heart. To create my own path in this maze of perpetual uncertainties.

From birth up until death, we are programmed to follow orders, to listen and conform, remain silent and obey. ‘Jump’ say our masters, we jump. ‘Bark’ say our masters, we bark. Without thought or concern, we blindly follow away, subconsciously and unknowingly like dogs to their masters, but not any more, not I at least. I will answer to no one but myself, leaving everything behind me and setting off into the sunset, destination India. Hopefully everything goes according to plan… Although I am sure it probably wont, nothing ever does.

Get in touch via email or give me a call. I am here to make new friends, not just go for a walk.

Off-Topic Q&A Time With Michael Lee Johnson

  1. What’s your favorite food/desert?
  2. Good question. I like all sorts of food. I’m not really that fussy. A good home-cooked lasagna usually does the job, either that, or a Sunday roast. DELICIOUS! And my favorite desert? Cheesecake. Who doesn’t like Cheesecake, right?

  3. What’s your favorite drink?

    I drink far too much tea, love the stuff (I’m English if that explains the tea comment). I’m not very fond of beer, spirits, wine or champagne. I’m not really an alcohol-lover if I’m honest. Water or tea is just fine.

  4. What motivates/drives you?

    Coming from a moderately poor lower-class family, in a rough area, motivation and determination has come fairly natural. I’ve always been on a quest to better myself, to escape this intoxicating hell-hole most commonly known as Widnes and become successful… All to help my friends, my family, different charities and everyone else that comes my way.

  5. Why did you walk your duck on a cat lead? Do cats even have leads?

    I can’t quite remember, I was young, and to be honest, I don’t even know if cats have leads. I have never seen anyone walking a cat on a lead, but it’s just a memory that is in my head for some strange reason.

  6. Where do you want to be in the next 10 years.

    Sat on my own private island somewhere in the Bahamas.

  7. If you could say something to everyone in the world, what would you say to them?

    There’s plenty of shit going on in the world, quit causing more and clean up your god damn mess.

Follow me on my journey from India to London. I’m just a normal guy, livin’ his dream.

Chief Tea-Drinker & Full-time Adventurer

7 Responses to Who the hell is this crazy guy?

  1. James Forsyth says:

    Are you planning on walking through the Chunnel? It’s a genuine question, I don’t know whether people can walk through it or not.

    • mljlive says:

      There is a service tunnel at the side of the channel tunnel. – Hopefully they let me walk through this tunnel. Otherwise, I will have to walk on water. :)

  2. Marcia Malory says:

    Hi, Michael. Since you will be passing through many different countries, have you applied for all of the appropriate visas that you will need for entry? Have you considered the cost of this in your budget?

    • mljlive says:

      Hello Marcia. – All visa issues and costs have been took into consideration. I can’t get my Chinese Visa for 3 months before entrance. – There are always going to be visa issues. Hopefully the rest can be resolved at the right time…Luck is a definite requirement at sometimes of the year, and at some border crossings across my journey. (Most possibly) But yes. I have consulted with the right people and agencies regarding this matter.

  3. Ryan says:

    So, how long are you planning for your journey to take, it’s quite a long way!

  4. Achmad Bachtiar says:

    You’re just same as others, but you have an extraordinary dream. Congratulations.

  5. christopher James Churchill says:

    Good Luck, Keep safe and BUY YOUR ISLAND!!!!!!

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